Please use the following format with contributions so that we can keep these pages orderly:

Name of land – location of land

Current projects and overall premise of land.

Contact information including email address or phone number.

Lack of any of the above will result in termination of contribution. Please use proper grammar and spelling.


5 responses to “TN

  1. Biotecture of Tennessee is building an Earthship on a small plot of land in Gallatin, TN. An earthship is a home built from waste materials that is designed to support all the basic needs of human life without dependence on power lines, infrastructure, or fossil fuels. We are interested in volunteers for the spring time who want to learn the principles of earthship construction. 1. building with natural and recycled materials 2. rainwater catchment 3. contained sewage/greywater treatment 4. food production 5. solar and wind electricity 6. passive solar heating and cooling

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