If you have land and think you’re interested in becoming a part of this, please let us know. Describe your land to us and it’s purpose, and we will pinpoint it on our map so that anyone eager to lend a hand may see its location. These lands are intended to act as hubs to help like-minded people congregate and cooperate to support and sustain various projects, such as non-profit organizations, work/trade land co-operatives, land trusts, free housing, and etc.

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One response to “Land

  1. Yolo Meadow Farm (name may be subject to change) is an expansion project of an already existing organic goat dairy in New Mexico called Coonridge. Coonridge is an off-the-grid goat dairy with a wild fed, free range herd of about 70 goats that produce Coonridge’s Organic Goat Cheese. For more information on Coonridge, check out Yolo Meadow Farm is in Capay Valley, California, about an hour northwest of Sacramento and two hours northeast of San Francisco.

    Coonridge uses a variety of herbs and oils to flavor our different cheeses, and we are working towards growing all of our own herbs and fruits for the cheese on the Yolo Meadow land in California. Eventually (hopefully next Spring) we’d like to get goats out and move half of the cheese making operation to Yolo as well. We’re also making moves to become a small egalitarian intentional community of no more than 30 people, with other small agricultural business ventures to provide for an income-sharing infrastructure. Interested parties will gradually be coming out to the land over time.

    At this early stage in the Yolo Meadow Farm project, we’ll have lots of opportunity for folks interested in construction and natural building, off-the-grid energy production and water development – on several different levels including well digging and pumping methods, spring tapping and directing, ram pumping from a seasonal creek and rain catchment – all off-the-grid.

    156 acres in a Mediterranean climate, The Yolo Meadow land is cool, green and lush in the spring; dry and hot in the summer, dry and cool in the fall and rainy all winter. It is wooded and hilly – we’ll be working on preparing our gardens using terracing methods to work with the land.

    As it is, there is nothing on the land save a trailer (occupied by the projects main maker-happeners, Alaina and Mico) and a shed. More shelters will be made available this summer (and as there is no rain in the summer – more comfortable camping), but most likely, camping would be required, so come prepared with gear to take care of yourself. We’re working on setting up a comfortable seed camp, with a sheltered kitchen area and an earthen oven. We’re also working on some solar power and internet access for outside communication as well.

    Short term helper-outers or folks down for the long haul are more than welcome. We have one truck between us at the moment, and we are happy to come pick you up at a nearby location. We have two cats and a dog and plans for lots more critters, so your pets are only welcome if they get along with other animals.

    We don’t have much extra money as it’s all going into the project, so we have outside jobs to help with living expenses. If you’re looking like a long termer, maybe you’d consider the same, as there are lots of opportunities on organic farms right in our area, an exciting and ever-growing community of organic producers – Capay Valley. If you’re more short term, we’re happy to share what we have in terms of food, but it may not be enough and you should come prepared with a little something for yourself. We’ll be eating a lot of wild food, resourced food and local organic stuff – whatever you can contribute, even if it’s just to take care of yourself, would be greatly appreciated.

    This is a very exciting time for us, join us in the adventure of furthering the organics and communities movement from the ground up!

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