If you would like help with a project, if you would like to help on another project, if you enjoy or have a natural talent in any field in which you’re interested,  if you’re a hard-worker, an artist, a mechanic or anything at all, this is your page.


7 responses to “Helping

  1. I am a talented Timberframer and carpenter. I also cook…cajun, downhome southern food. Grew up on farms…nothing I haven’t done..I work well with live stock. And my wife has a real greenthumb.

    • Hey Christopher! Nice to “meet” you and your wife. Where are you guys located?? I’d like to build EarthShip self-sustaining homes and am currently trying to enlist a contractor friend in the efforts as well. I have yet to find my piece of land, but I’m waiting and watching. …. I am currently living in Madison, Indiana.

      • Oh, yeah and I’m a homeopathic practitioner who’s also working on a method to use live plants for healing.

  2. I’m glad a website like this exists. I’m a general laborer with most of my experience in basic carpentry, house painting and a little bit of farming. I personally am looking for a commune (IC) to reside on for about a month simply as an experience. I would like to contribute by bringing food and supplies as well as working for the community. Thank you for reading my post =)

  3. our radio station is yours and you are going to need it.let me know if you want to come on a weekly program and talk about the progress of the station is your station,I have been working in non profits and community outreach for years and also teach fund raising the time to get going on this is now so let me know as quick as possible and we will go live for the first show and you can invite will be a blast and give you all wonderful exposher.

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