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  1. Hi family , my name is Robert pesce aka.Dutch I have met Patrick with shut up and grow it over the past summer and have bean researching the things you all do fore people and have gathered some good insight on how the community works together in order to help each other prosper through networking and lending a helping hand I think this is a great thing you all are doing and want to come visit the shut up and grow it farm this spring for the “get shit done party” I have spoken with some people over face book who live on the farm who are looking for information on building with cob and other raw materials I would like to come out to the farm and set up a class to teach different techniques and uses for cob and cob structures I am keeping my schedule open and would like if Patrick can contact me via phone so we can discuss in further detail what it is I’d like to provide so if he can please contact me my cellphone number is (848)480~7875 please be mindful of the time difference for I live in Washington state thanks 😉 continue living in love and light you guys amazing people doing amazing things = amazing results 🙂

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